3rd Grade and Potatoes!

Freddie’s Farm was a whirlwind of activity in February as our third graders planted potatoes. We learned that a potato is a root vegetable meaning that the part we eat grows underground.Do you know how healthy a potato is? Here are some nutrition facts about the potato.
Potatoes are a healthy vegetable that is:
an excellent source of vitamin C
a good source of potassium
a good source of vitamin B6
low in sodium
low in cholesterol
fat free!


Garden Service Day

On February 13th, everyone “dug in” and helped out on our Garden Service Day! A HUGE thank you to all our volunteers, big and small, who came out to show Freddie’s Farm some love! We couldn’t have done it without all of these wonderful people! We are so lucky to have such a loving community of students, parents, and friends of NHE.

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Harvest Day!

We celebrated Harvest Day at NHE in November! Due to several factors, especially weather, we didn’t have anything to actually harvest from our garden at this time. So instead, we used this opportunity to teach our students more about how plants grow as well as how to make healthy food choices. Students participated in several different stations around the gym which included learning about our tower garden, taste-testing different fruits and veggies, and sorting foods based on their nutritional value. A ton of fun was had by all!